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10 Tools voor digital storytelling

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Digital storytelling is a simple and accessible way to tell a story online via digital tools, without having to have extensive technical knowledge and skills. For cultural professionals, this offers various possibilities for new forms of (digital) local culture experiences in the field of communication, community formation and education.

Benefits of Digital Storytelling

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Everyone of us has a story to tell and we all like to read or listen to stories. Stories are expressive, magical, creative, touchy and powerful sometimes. Storytelling has been with us since we started to communicate with each other and it has been part of our every day life since then and it didn’t… Read More

18 Tools voor Digital Storytelling

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Stories are important. At the following list you will find 18 free digital storytelling tools, both websites and apps, which will help you use technology to tell a story while being highly creative and having fun.

How to make a digital story

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 Five tips to create a digital story: Start with an idea Write your story Create a storyboard Research and gather elements Build your story See the final digital story:

Educational uses of DST

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The primary goal of the Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling website is to serve as a useful resource for educators and students who are interested in how digital storytelling can be integrated into a variety of educational activities. The site was originally created in 2004 and faculty members and graduate students in the Learning, Design… Read More